The Bethel Inn Resort

I would like to fish a bit, canoe, and maybe hike a bit. Those activities are not on the web site. Any options??

The Bethel Inn Resort responded on 04/27/2015

You're in luck... all these activities can be found at or nearby The Bethel Inn Resort.

On property: The Inn offers a private lake house on Songo Pond, just 3 miles from away. Offering canoes and kayaks with fishing available.

Minutes away: The area offers great hiking in Grafton and Evans Notch State Parks. For more, visit The Androscoggin River is a great stop to spend the day canoeing and fishing with easy access from Gilead to Bethel. We also offer guided fishing trips with some local outfitters. Best bet, give us a call at (800) 654-0125.

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