The Bethel Inn Resort

What conditions are your greens in after this horrendous winter. Many New England courses suffered severe winter freeze/burn even here in CT. Some courses have lost ALL their greens...

The Bethel Inn Resort responded on 06/22/2015

Hey Chris, thanks for your message... the greens and fairways at The Bethel Inn Resort came through the winter in outstanding shape, probably the best we've experienced in recent memory. The many golfers and golf groups this June have been raving about the condition of the course. Many of our members/guests have been posting to our Golf Shop's Facebook page, take a look for yourself:

As you said, it was a horrendous winter in terms of snow and cold weather but we never experienced a warm-up in January, making for a solid snow pack without any ice. Once the weather warmed in March, the snow went fast and with a warm, dry spring, the course greened quickly.

Come experience it for yourself... we look forward to welcoming you to The Bethel Inn Resort this summer!

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