The Bethel Inn Resort

I am interested in snowshoeing one or two days in your area. Are the trails coming out of your place, or do we have to drive to reach the trails? I will be coming with 6 individuals and wish to stay for a couple of days mid week, first week of Jan. Can you provide me my options. I will look to check in on Jan 3 to the 5th. I would like get a promotional deal information and price with and without meal package

The Bethel Inn Resort responded on 12/14/2016

Thank you for your interest... yes, our trail network start right here at The Inn and extends over our 200 acre property. Our XC Ski, Stay & Breakfast packages starts at just $189 for Two, per night... best bet, give us a call at (207) 824-2175 to review lodging and meal options.

We look forward to seeing you this winter at The Inn...

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