The Bethel Inn Resort

I am wondering if I may schedule a sleigh ride for Christmas/NYE week. I just learned of your hotel so it's too late to stay there but I would love to visit and catch a sleigh ride! Stacie C. Hess (508) 524-5773 or

The Bethel Inn Resort responded on 11/27/2017

Hey Stacie... we still have room availability over the vacation week and NYE. If you can get out of lodging reservations, The Inn is the place in-town Bethel to stay over the holidays.

We have a full line-up of activities including sleigh rides, live music and our grand holiday buffets... all happening nightly here at The Bethel Inn Resort.

For sleigh rides and reservations, give us a call at (207) 824-2175 x 0. We look forward to seeing you at The Inn this winter.

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